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The Future Farmstead is an energy independent experimental farm and farmstead dedicated to developing and demonstrating advanced technologies which will enhance farmer efficiency to achieve the nation's future energy, food, and environmental requirements.

Future Farmstead is a research, extension, and education initiative with many public and private partners, led by the University of Georgia.
The program is dedicated to advancing on-farm energy generation and conservation in the Southeast focusing on the efficiencies as a way to save energy and protect our natural resources.

Today, agriculture has the opportunity to transform our economy from one which depends on fossil fuels to one which thrives on renewable energy. Within 15 years the majority of advanced biofuels are likely to come from a variety of plant-based carbon sources including cellulose and lignin, and this is where Southeastern agriculture and forestry shine.

With public and private partners UGA's Future Farmstead team will look to advanced communication, sensor, automation, and genetics to better manage a more suitable production environment. By making farms cleaner, more efficient, and more profitable we will reduce our dependence on foreign fuels.

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