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Central to the Future Farmstead will be and energy independent working model home located off I-75 adjacent to the Georgia Agricultural Museum. In contrast to the Museum, the home will incorporate the best technologies of today and the near future. This home will be eco-friendly and specifically designed to take advantage of its rural setting. The model farm house and associated buildings and land will serve as an education, demonstration, and research facility, and also as a residence for the project’s graduate students. The University of Georgia will showcase new and innovative ways to improve energy efficiency both on the farm and in the house.

Energy Efficient.
The Future Farmstead home will utilize the resources unique to a rural environment to be an net producer of energy. By incorporating network and communications controls within the home, we will be able to save energy and enhance farmer efficiency simply by reducing the miles a farmer has to ravel to check on-farm activities.

The home will be constructed of eco-friendly materials sourced locally and will demonstrate non-conventional uses of reclaimed materials to achieve a platinum level LEED certification. The innovative design and siting of the house will minimize energy loss and utilize passive heating and cooling. The rural setting will enable a pond, landscape and an attached greenhouse to play a role in climate control. The house will also incorporate systems such as grey water recycling, water catchments, geothermal heating and cooling, and an edible landscape.

Working Partner.
The home will allow farmers to spend more time with their family by incorporating an advanced farm monitoring and control system. The home will act as a command center for autonomous activities on the farm and will incorporate a second story observation deck and communications tower which will enable a clear view out over the farm and will house the components crucial to the on-farm network.